Witnesses thought lorry fall man was dead

Police close New Market St after a man is injured falling off the back of a lorry
Police close New Market St after a man is injured falling off the back of a lorry
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A MAN cheated death in a bizarre plunge from the top of a moving lorry.

Much of Wigan town centre was brought to a standstill after the man, said to be in his 20s, crashed to the ground on New Market Street yesterday morning.

Despite initial fears that he had fractured his skull, police confirmed the individual was expected to emerge relatively unscathed with superficial injuries, the most severe of which was a black eye, and had as a result been “extremely lucky.”

Shocked onlookers on their way to work spoke of viewing a body lying stricken in the middle of the busy through route shortly before 8am.

Bobbies closed New Market Street from Frog Lane to Northway causing motorists to take alternative routes to work and causing significant backlogs of traffic along Parson’s Walk.

A force spokesman said: “Officers attended after we received initial reports of a road traffic accident involving a vehicle and a pedestrian where a man in his 20s was unconscious but breathing.

“It appears that the individual had climbed on top of a wagon, possibly while it was stationary at a junction, but had subsequently fallen while the vehicle was in motion.

“He was taken to hospital and was found to have just suffered minor injuries.

“The driver was not aware that someone had climbed onto the vehicle. No further action has been taken and the roads were re-opened by the early afternoon.”

One passer-by, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Evening Post said: “I was on my way to work and could see a body in the middle of the road. I feared the worst because he looked like he was in a bad way.

“The emergency services arrived soon after, people who saw the incident as it happened said he had climbed onto the back of the vehicle, which was a flat-back wagon, and lost his balance as it was moving.

“What he thought he was doing we have no idea.”