Woman bit officer who callled at her home

Crime story
Crime story

A MOTHER and daughter have been jailed after they were found guilty of savagely attacking a policewoman in Wigan.

Wigan Magistrates’ Court heard how PC Kathryn Gaskell was left distraught after the ordeal during which she was bitten.

Despite vehemently denying the charges of assault, Ludmilla Mihhalko, 56, and her daughter Darina Vassiljuvits, 27, were found guilty at a three-day trial and were sentenced to 12 weeks in prison. Mike Ardern, prosecuting, said that PC Gaskell was on duty when she received a call about a domestic fight at their address in Warrington Road, Ince, on February 25.

When the officer knocked on the door of the property, Vassiljuvits opened it but then tried closing it again.

PC Gaskell forced the door open and both Mihhalko and Vassiljuvits launched an attack on her.

It was only when PC Gaskell pressed her emergency alarm button that another colleague came to assist her.

He said: “It was a prolonged assault and went on for some time. She was left with a sore neckand it was painful to move her head from side to side.

“She had scratches to her hand and face but the most painful injury was to the back of her upper left arm where Vassiljuvits had bitten her.

“She was concerned about getting any diseases, but the skin was not broken.”

Both women, who were not represented, spoke in court, and still maintained that they had done nothing wrong, demanding an apology from the victim.

Vassiljuvits said: “It would be traumatic for us to go to prison.

“It is unfair as we had never done anything like this before. It feels like we have been misunderstood and this is not in our nature.

“I am not saying my behaviour was acceptable but I was scared. Every single living being has an instinct for survival. I want apologies from the officer as all of this could have been avoided.”

Her mum said she was willing to do any unpaid work.

Mihhalko said: “I have been ill and have not been coping well but we like to be useful for the community, so I am happy to do any jobs.”

Sentencing the two women, the chairman of the magistrates said: “This was a sustained attack and it had lasting effects on an experienced police officer.”