Woman reunited with dad’s ashes

The necklaces which are lost
The necklaces which are lost

A WIGAN woman has thanked the public for their help in tracing a necklace which has her dad’s ashes in.

Claire Hannah, of Orrell, took to social media to say she had lost a locket shaped like a ship’s wheel and a star necklace whilst at Wigan Infirmary.

But luckily a woman had found the items and after seeing the story on Wigan Today, returned them to their rightful owner,

Claire, 44, said: “A woman from Leigh picked them up, and took them home.

“I went to hers to pick them up. I cried and gave her some flowers.

“I want to thank everyone for their help. I am overwhelmed - more than 1,400 people shared the Wigan Today post on Facebook, and that’s where she saw the appeal - the power of social media.

“I thought I’d never get them back - a little Christmas miracle in Wigan.

She said: “My dad, David Hannah died in November last year, aged 71. I had his ashes put into a locket.

“I could fault the staff at hospital as they have been great.”