Woman’s hammer attack horror

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A MAN repeatedly waved a hammer in his partner’s face after they rowed.

One swing of the tool came so near to her cheek it “skimmed” her hair, Wigan and Leigh magistrates heard.

He then used it to attack her car after the terrified woman climbed into it in an effort to get away.

But 41-year-old Peter Hall, who was described as having a volatile relationship with Danielle Spencer, said through his lawyer that he had no intention of actually striking her with the implement.

He admitted assaulting by beating Ms Spencer, the mother of their three-year-old daughter, damaging the windscreen and a side window of her Rover car and causing £260 damage while also causing another £150 criminal damage to a wooden door panel.

In two separate charges, he also admitted being found in enclosed premises without lawful reason as well as going equipped - with boltcutters - for theft.

Hall, of Alderley Lane, Leigh, was remanded in custody and will appear again before the court on November 13 while a pre-sentence report is compiled.

Prosecutor Mike Ardern told the court that Hall and Ms Spencer had argued after she accused Hall of spending all their money on drugs and she left the house fearing for her safety. When she returned she found some of her property had been damaged which a friend blamed on Hall but when she challenged him about it the dispute descended into shouting and swearing.

Hall then picked up a hammer and chased Ms Spencer outside, grabbing her by the neck and dragging her around, striking the door panel with the tool in the process.

In one burst he swung the hammer so near to her face it brushed through her her hair.

When she broke free and ran to her car Hall followed her and used the hammer to smash the windscreen, showering her with glass.

In interview with the police, Hall admitted damaging the vehicle. But he gave police officers a “totally different” account of the dispute between them, denied swinging the hammer in her direction but admitted he “may have pushed her”.

He regretted losing his temper but insisted he was “retaliating”.

Colin Rawson, defending, said that Hall had no previous convictions for criminal damage and his most recent convictions for assault were as far back as 1990. Although he accepted that he was found in the locked compound he insisted the tools including the boltcutters belonged to a co-defendant.