Woman’s hand is savaged by dog

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A MAN has been charged after a woman delivering leaflets near his Wigan home was attacked in the street by by a dog.

The 54-year-old is believed to have been posting leaflets through letter boxes in Manor Grove, Kitt Green, on Sunday, August 4, when she was allegedly attacked by a Japanese Akita,

Paramedics were called the scene and found the woman suffering horrific injuries to her right hand.

She was taken to Wigan Infirmary where she spent several days in hospital recovering from her wounds.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police (GMP) confirmed that the owner of the pet, Ross Ashcroft, 30, of Manor Grove, Kitt Green, was charged with having a dangerous and out of control dog in a public place and has been summoned to appear before Wigan and Leigh Magistrates’ Court.

A date for a court hearing has not yet been set.

The spokesman for GMP said: “At 3.20pm on Sunday August 4 the police received a call from the ambulance service that a 54-year-old woman had been bitten by a dog.

“She had a bite to the right had and was taken to hospital.

“The dog was taken away by pet medics and put in a holding kennel.”

A spokesman for North West Ambulance Service confirmed it was called just after 3pm on Sunday to a private address and the police were informed.

Neighbours have shocked of their shock over the incident.

One resident, who did not want to be named, said: “The dog is quite prominent in the area. It is quite a nice looking dog.

“I don’t know what will happen to the dog now. I do feel for this woman who has been injured. ”

Another neighbour, who also asked to remain anonymous, added: “It is a shame as I know the dog.”

The incident comes a week after the government announced changes to the law concerning dangerous dogs, which includes proposals for life jail terms for owners of killer pets.

The move was made following the death of Jade Lomas-Anderson, from Atherton, in March this year,

The 14-year-old was savaged by four dogs – thought to be two bull mastiffs and two Staffordshire bull terriers – as she was visiting the home of a friend.

Her stepfather Michael Anderson, 34, said plans for higher sentences for irresponsible owners who allow their dogs to attack members of the public was “going down the right path”.

He said: “Dog attacks have been going for years and it has got worse and worse and worse,

“A quarter of a million people were attacked last year alone, this has reached epidemic levels.”

No prosecutions were brought against the owner of the dogs that attacked Jade as the incident occurred on private property and they were not illegal breeds.

Jade’s parents, along with the parents of four-year-old John Massey, who died after a pitbull attacked him in 2009, handed in a petition at 10 Downing Street calling for action to prevent attacks.

The new consultation, which ends on September 1, will be used to shape the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill.

Sixteen people have been killed by dangerous dogs since 2005.

And when David Cameron was in Wigan on Thursday, visiting the Youth Zone, he spoke of his vow to enforce tougher penalties on owners of dangerous dogs to prevent attacks from occurring,

He said: “I think the law that we are changing is only part of the picture but it is an important part.

“For years the law wasn’t right, it didn’t target the owners enough, it tried to just target breeds.

“So I think going after the owners and the owners’ responsibilities is right, I think having a tough penalty which has been announced this week is also right.

“But of course there is a lot of extra work that needs to be done in terms of training and in terms of making sure people are responsible dog owners but I think this is an important step forward.”