World Cup drink drive crackdown

Drink drive crackdown
Drink drive crackdown

POLICE are warning Wiganers not to drink and drive as they launched their annual crackdown ahead of the World Cup.

Greater Manchester Police, Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service and North West Ambulance Service have joined forces with the Police & Crime Commissioner, Drivesafe and local authorities to raise awareness of the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The month-long operation will see police officers on patrol around the clock in the borough targeting suspected drink drivers.

Police will also be using new portable drug testing machines to test instantly whether a driver is under the influence of drugs, rather than having to wait for a doctor to administer a blood test.

During last year’s summer drink drive campaign police carried out almost 5,000 breath tests and arrested 252 people.

Inspector Matt Bailey-Smith said: “We tend to see an increase in the amount of people drink driving during the summer months, be it because they’ve nipped to a beer garden after work or got caught up in the moment and drunk one too many at a barbecue.

“This year’s World Cup heightens the risk of drink driving and while we’re not looking to spoil anybody’s fun, we’d urge supporters to plan ahead and arrange transport prior to kick off so they don’t turn an evening of celebration into a lifetime of regret.

“Our officers have seen first-hand the devastation caused by drink and drug driving and we make absolutely no apology for relentlessly targeting this type of behaviour as it could save lives.

“If you don’t trust yourself not to drink then our simple advice is to leave the car at home. The only safe amount to drink if driving is none at all so do yourself and other road users a favour and leave the car keys alone.”