Wrestling ace saves woman from jumping

Davy Boy Smith Junior
Davy Boy Smith Junior
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The son of a Wigan wrestling legend became a real life hero after saving a woman who was about to jump from a bridge.

Harry Francis Smith, son of the late Davey Boy Smith - the British Bulldog - pulled the woman back over the edge of a motorway carriage in Calgary, Canada.

Harry, who performs under the wrestling name Davey Boy Smith Junior, wrote on social media: “I saved a life today and I am so grateful for doing so.

“I saw a girl crying and hanging off the bridge with someone trying to talk to her. I stopped and jumped the barricade and tried talking to the girl.”

He added she was “threatening to jump if I got closer”.

Harry then grabbed the woman firmly from behind and hauled her back over the barricade, and kept her safe until the police arrived.

He went on to reveal his wrestling skills played a key part in his heroic feat, writing: “Thanks to my years of grappling for saving this girl. Life is precious.”

Harry is set to return to the town next May for the Wigan Comic Con.

His dad Davey Boy was from Golborne and was just 39 when he died in Canada in 2002.