Yellow peril

Roadworks in Wallgate, Wigan, without yellow lines or other parking restrictions for motorists
Roadworks in Wallgate, Wigan, without yellow lines or other parking restrictions for motorists
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GAS works are causing parking mayhem in Wigan town centre as cheeky motorists are taking advantage of the temporary lack of double yellow lines.

Cars have been illegally parking in front of the bus stop opposite Wigan North Western station and along Wallgate, after engineers have been carrying out gas works.

Following resurfacing work, double yellow lines have not yet been repainted and no parking restriction signs have been erected, meaning some motorists are trying to park there for free,

But a spokesman for Wigan Council, who commissioned the work, said that the contractors, NMS Ltd, based in Ashton, will move the cars on as they will be parking illegally.

Kevin Hargreaves, traffic manager at Wigan Council, said: “This is part of the Wallgate works currently under temporary control by the on-site contractors.

“The contractors can move vehicles on if needs be. There are new traffic regulation orders to go into this area which the council has sought and obtained approval from the Department of Transport (DfT).

“This will mean that road markings will be set out much more efficiently within Wallgate and all of the areas will be controlled through zone signs at entry points.”

Wigan Central councillor George Davies, who is also a member of the road safety forum, said: “Safety measures must come first, although there are no markings or signs, these cars are illegally parking.

“Both the highways and parking departments at the council need to be aware of this and they have to make sure that people are safe, especially as people are crossing the road.

“The spot is usually open for taxis at night to pick up and drop off but should not be used as a parking space.

“These motorists should not be taking advantage. They think they can park anywhere, but they can’t.

“There is legislation in place and the majority of people abide by the law. But there are silly people who try to get away with it.”