Yob jailed for attack

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A WIGAN man battered his ex-partner when she began dating his best friend, a court heard.

Lee O’Shea (pictured) kicked, punched and bit Victoria Cunliffe, despite his seeing someone else too, as the couple were still in a relationship and she had threatened to tell his new girlfriend.

The 24-year-old became angry with Victoria after she and his friend Scott Catterall turned up at a house in Ince where he was with his current partner.

“He lost his temper with her threats to tell his current girlfriend about their on-going relationship and the fact she had taken up with his best friend,” said Karen Brooks, prosecuting.

After the attack, in which Victoria’s hand was bitten, she rang 999 but O’Shea returned and she put the phone in her pocket without answering the operator.

Someone was sent to the house and heard arguing and woman crying but the lights were off and they left.

Meanwhile O’Shea had seized the phone and after hearing the operator, kicked Miss Cunlifffe in the head. He got two knives from the kitchen and asked the 20-year-old to stab him, but instead she cut her wrist. He grabbed her arms, spun her around and headbutted her.

Afterwards they went to bed and slept, and in the morning on seeing her injuries O’Shea helped her to the bathroom, brushed her hair and rang her mum for help. He also apologised by text message and left a bag of frozen chips to put on her bruised face, said Mrs Brooks.

O’Shea, of Falkirk Drive, Ince, was jailed for two years after admitting assault and a burglary at a house in County Police Street, Higher Ince, which he committed while on bail on April 3.

William Swalwell, defending, said, “He knows his behaviour was absolutely unacceptable and has shown remorse.”

O’Shea had problems with alcohol and drugs and when they were combined he reacted badly. His substance mis-use increased after the death of his grandfather, which he took badly.