Yobs arrested after raid

Five teenagers charged with attempted burglary with intent to cause damage to Mesnes Park Cafe
Five teenagers charged with attempted burglary with intent to cause damage to Mesnes Park Cafe

FIVE teenagers have been arrested after a series of vandal attacks in Wigan.

The suspects, four males and a female, all aged between 16 and 17, were captured by police and taken into custody in the early hours of yesterday morning.

It followed two incidents in which both Frederick’s cafe in Mesnes Park and a parked car on Bishopsgate, near Hallgate, were broken into.

Each of the teenagers has since been arrested on suspicion of theft from a motor vehicle and burglary with intent to cause damage.

The windows of the popular cafe were deliberately smashed in the burglary and have since been boarded up.

And at around 11.30pm restaurant owner Howard Gallimore arrived back at his car to find somebody had broken in and had taken off the handbrake, causing it to roll forwards towards the bus station.

And the alleged suspects had stolen numerous items from the glove compartment.

Mr Gallimore said: “I couldn’t believe it when I went to get my car.

“It was just an act of mindless vandalism.

“Luckily, I didn’t have anything hugely expensive in my car and all the culprits managed to get were bits of stuff including CDs.

“The main worry is that they had left the handbrake off causing it to collide into the barriers of the bus station.

“It’s just obviously people who have nothing better to do with their time. The police wanted me to make an emergency statement at around 2am in the morning, so it must be that the both are definitely linked.

“The cafe in Mesnes Park was the worst affected, these people went out with a purpose to vandalise as much as they could.

“It’s scary to think you just leave your car for a couple of hours and this happens.”

And manager of Frederick’s Cafe Donna Townson said she wasn’t able to comment on the situation but confirmed there had been an incident in which the windows had been broken.

She added: “We were still open for trade as usual and will continue to be so.”

A police spokesman confirmed that three 16-year-old males, a 17-year-old female and a 17-year-old male had all been arrested in relation with the two incidents.