Yobs smear faeces in primary school

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TEEN vandals shocked school staff with a vile attack on a Wigan primary school.

Yobs breached security to engage in an orgy of mindless and revolting destruction which included smearing their own faeces around the place. Teachers, opening up Hindley Junior and Infants in Argyle Street at breakfast time, were lost for words in their horror.

The young intruders had defecated in a store room, then deliberately spread the results over the walls and door.

They then moved onto a propagating outhouse and upturned dozens of seedlings only days away from planting out by the members of the school’s gardening club.

Flower and vegetable specimens had been raised carefully by hand by the youngsters since the new year.

The pupils were said to be “really, really upset” that their green-fingered skills had received such a brutal setback.

The attackers also used indelible marker pens to scrawl graffiti over playground seating and equipment.

Police hope some of the words used in the graffiti may lead them to identify the perpetrators thought to be two boys aged around 12 or 13.

The boys, its thought, entered the school early on Sunday evening.

School business manager Rhian Speakman said although “rather unpleasant,” it had at least proved possible to quickly clean the human excrement away.

And the graffiti scrawlings and messages had been “largely” removed with the appropriate solvent.

But the gratuitous destruction of the plants and seedlings was particularly upsetting because all the pupils’ hard and patient work in raising the plants had been undone in a matter of minutes.

She hoped that all parents in the locality of the school would contribute in the search to identify the culprits.

Mrs Speakman said: “Two children have climbed over, or under the fence and got into the playground.

“When staff came in the next morning they found that these boys have caused an awful lot of damage, I am afraid, all over the place.

“We found that they had drawn all over a wooden train and the wooden pyradmids we have in the playground.

“They have entered the little shed we have in our reception playground and have pooed everywhere and wiped it all over the walls, which was a very unpleasant thing to find at school.

“They have knocked loads of young plants over that our gardening club have been carefully growing on ready for the growing season, which is upsetting for the pupils who have put such a lot of effort into them since the spring. They have had a go at virtually all of those.

“They have just generally messed about and our pupils and the school could do without this type of thing.”