Your local chippy is still the plaice to be

There are plenty of iconic British double acts - Ant and Dec, Chas and Dave, Fry and Laurie, the list goes on.

Friday, 2nd June 2017, 12:23 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:36 pm
Ron Riley from The Trawlerman fish and chip shop on Woodhouse Drive

But none come close to the most well known duo of all - fish and chips.

The famous British dish holds such an important place in our hearts, and stomachs, that today marks its second national celebration.

National Fish and Chip Day takes place today, and people all over the UK, from chip shops to fishermen, will be enjoying the iconic family favourite.

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For Ron Riley, owner of The Trawlerman Fish and Chips on Woodhouse Lane, Beech Hill, it will be business as usual on National Fish and Chip Day.

“Friday is always the busiest day of the week, so it will be all hands to the pump,” he said.

For King of the cod Ron, the trick to a successful chip is in the ingredients.

“You have to start with a good Maris Piper potato, about the size of an elongated cricket ball.”

And after 23 years in business with wife Sandra, Ron also revealed what makes a good chippy.

“It’s all about consistency, and listening to your customer about what they want,” he said.

“I do enjoy it when someone comes in and tells me they really enjoyed my fish and chips. It makes my week when somebody says they enjoy the food.”

Ron says The Trawlerman’s regulars most often feast on their cod fillets over haddock, with a hearty portion of fluffy chips, a side of mushy peas and a carton of curry sauce.

The dish is so quintessentially British that it was even exempt from rationing during the Second World War, after the government feared the dish was so embedded in the nation’s culture that any limit would damage morale.

Even Winston Churchill recognised the crucial partnership of fish and chips, referring to them as “good companions.”

In fact, a survey carried out ahead of National Fish and Chip Day revealed us Brits consume an estimated 333.6 million portions of fish and chips each year, and nowhere eats more of it than Northerners.

More people eat fish and chips at least once a month in the North West than any other region, although just how each portion should be served remains a point of contention!

A recent survey found a staggering 69 percent of people chose salt and vinegar as their topping of choice, out-scaling ketchup which came in with just five percent of votes.

The most popular side dish was mushy peas, which was tailed closely by curry sauce. Sadly, the famous ‘pea wet’ - the juices from mushy peas often ladled over chips - did not make the list.

And by far and large, the most popular place to eat is at home, with 92 percent of British people admitting they prefer takeaway over restaurant fish and chips.