A bit of quiet while eating

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SOME people might say I come from the generation that thinks ‘children should be seen and not heard’.

I truly believe that infant children should not be forced to wait for mum and dad to eat a meal and drink a lake dry.

They are not bad children, just bored out of their minds.

Then we have boisterous children that charge around willy-nilly causing problems for waitresses and customers alike.

If these children can not be barred from the establishment and mum and dad ‘need’ to go out for a meal, make alternative arrangements for the children.

Parties for birthdays etc are a different matter but us ‘normal’ customers should be informed, then we can choose if we want to be disturbed during our meal.

Should the wine guzzlers not be reminded , as the smokers were, of the long term health problems of excessive wine drinking. ie diabetes.

Wine is drunk nowadays as we used to drink pop.

So come on let’s have some quiet restaurants where we can enjoy a meal.

Derek Bolton