A poem for Bryn

FOLLOWING your story in the WEP Tuesday July 29, “Store plan fury for group” regarding the development of beautiful open countryside in Bryn I have enclosed a poem as to why the land should be preserved:

Wigan Council wants to develop Bryn’s green and beautiful land,

To the dismay of many who are upset with what is planned,

A “Keep Bryn Green” campaign has reared its head...

To make sure we keep this beautiful land undeveloped instead.

The view from Rose Hill goes as far as the eye can see,

Is what we locals want to keep and we will win

Beautiful land, green, earthy and wonderful on the eye,

The land is the heart and lungs of Bryn.

We share this planet, it’s not ours alone,

Trees, hedgehogs, wildflowers, insects, birds and mammals,

In numbers we don’t really know,

Lets not destroy this beautiful land, the home of predominantly animals.

So come on Wigan Council, show us you care,

Say NO to the developers and start to prepare,

To keep and preserve this beautiful green land,

For all those humans and animals alike to share

Michael Moulding