A poor example of the youth of today

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I am writing to you after watching the television programme The Town That Never Retired on the BBC last week.

The young people on the programme I think were a very bad example of the youth of the city as hardly any of them managed to do any of the jobs.

I have studied for five years to get a degree in animal science.I worked at the RSPCA for nine months before being made redundant.

I am now an apprentice dog groomer earning £2.60 an hour at age 22 due to the fact I would rather work and learn a trade rather than being unemployed. I love my job and I am currently starting to create a client base, I think your readers should be aware that not all young people in the area are lazy and don’t want to work. This may make them want to help people like me who are trying to start a career.

Lauren Collins, Aunties Doggie Daycare and Dog Spa

Leave off Tories, Labour’s to blame

I write in response to the letter from Jeff McCann (letters, July 13).

Whilst it is sad that the new Coalition Government is now having to make cuts in public spending, Jeff must be aware such cuts are inevitable because of the policies of the previous Labour Government.

The policies of the Labour Party led by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, who had been in power over the previous 13 years, are responsible for the state this country is now in.

They admitted when they left office that there was no money left so it is unfair to blame the current Government who have been in power for such a short time for the mess that Blair and Brown have left us with. Regrettably, in common with the Socialist party he supports, Jeff has little grasp of economics and this is why we are now facing economic disaster on an unprecedented scale.

Also, the playground name calling (is Nick Boles MP really evil? Were his parents really not married when he was born?) does not do Jeff any favours.

G Major

address supplied

Scaremongering over flooding

The recent flooding in Wigan is a timely reminder that the council must always remain vigilant and be fully prepared to respond to weather warnings to ensure damage is minimised.

However, suggestions by the Committee on Climate Change that ‘four times as many households in England could be at risk of flooding in the next 20 years’ are nothing but baseless scaremongering by those who pick and choose which scientific data they choose to follow.

Wigan, like anywhere else in the UK, will have suffered a severe bout of flooding at one time or another long before the so called climate change era. And the same can be said for periods of drought.

Paul Nuttall