Ah, that’s what they are for!

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I MUST say, dawdling away with my mind on other things, I had been speculating about just what these big mirrors, that have suddenly appeared at the top of traffic lights across the town, were for.

Now (thanks to Evening Post, Feb 6) I know.

And what a good, simple (and cost effective) idea it is.

There have been many occasions when, waiting at the traffic light controlled Standish Cross Roads, I have taken off only to see, at the last minute, hidden in my blind spot, a cyclist on his or her way, determined to pedal straight on and away to the hot-spot of Rivington.

Although cyclists themselves, with these new fashions courtesy, I suppose of The Tour De France, are more colourful and visible than ever, many of the cycles these days seem smaller, darker and less conspicuous.

I haven’t yet witnessed these blind-spot buster mirrors in action but my daughter has and she says that they really work and clearly show to drivers waiting for the lights to change, that there is a cyclist also waiting, even when your car’s own mirrors just don’t “see” them.

What a simple yet effective device.

Cycle fan,


Help comes too late

I feel so enraged and upset about the plight of our fellow countrymen in the south-west of England and Wales I have wrote the following to my local MP. I am writing to express my absolute despair at the plight of my fellow countrymen in the south-west of the country and what appears to be the complete and utter lack of response to their miserable conditions.

Goodness knows how they are coping to even lead some semblance of a normal life, washing, cooking, personal hygiene etc.

Only now some six weeks into this disaster is the government acting and I need to express my disgust at the way these poor people have been treated.

Only now is the army being sent in to offer any help, only now are cattle being removed from farms having been stood in dreadful conditions for days if not weeks. The livelihood of the farmers ruined, homes ruined, their economy ruined.

No one can fail to be deeply moved by the plight of our fellow countrymen in the south of England and Wales. I certainly have and wonder why, when such a disaster happens anywhere else in the world, humanitarian aid is immediately instigated, a disaster fund started and everyone in this country pours money into the fund and people in other countries are given the help they require, as it should be, why not here? Why isn’t this happening here for our own people? I would gladly give whatever I could to help them. They’re my own people and my heart goes out to them. What assurances can the government give that ALL is being done to help our friends.

Diane Morrice,

address supplied

Religion sets back equality

I am concerned with regard to where the future lies in Britain. The fundamental problem which I find hard to accept and find incredible in this day and age is that women are subservient to men.

I have not taken time to read the teachings of Islam because I believe that all religion is created by man to enslave other fellow human beings under the veil of religion and in as much I would not waste time reading either this or any other religious book.

I cannot understand any religion which teaches any person, regardless of colour or creed, has any more right to tread this earth than another.

The same as the right that man has no right to dominate the earth over other animals, other than for survival. What is blatantly obvious to me is that as long as women continue to wear these covers for whatever reason, they set their cause for any form of freedom from men back hundreds of years.

Humanist, via email