Alcoholics need support

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I HAVE been in a situation where I have found it extremely difficult to stop drinking.

I felt there was nothing out there to help me stop unless you happen to be wealthy and can pay for private treatment. Alcoholics need a break from their alcoholism.

In my opinion we should be locked up in a secure unit with no access to alcohol and given the appropriate medication and care to get us through those very difficult early days. At my worse, upon seeing my GP I was prescribed medication which I now know to have been woefully inadequate.

This was also the case on a difficult occasion when out of desperation I attended A&E. No wonder I found it hard. Do the medical profession like to see alcoholics suffer or are they ignorant or just playing it safe?

My GP advised counselling but I don’t see how talking therapies help a chronic alcoholic. What is needed is action. Alcoholics need to be taken away from their alcohol and dried out.

After a break from alcohol, yes, you may relapse but then again you may not and it could be life changing.

Some people may need this treatment numerous times. Of course, some will be incurable but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be given a chance.

The awfulness of how you feel when you wake up from a binge is indescribable and the only way to feel better is to drink again.

It’s just a great pity there isn’t a better system in place.

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Why not a UK company?

It is pleasing to learn that drilling and fracking is about to start in the UK, to exploit the massive shale gas reserves which a recent geological report states we have, and so free us from dependence on purchasing future Russian gas supplies.

A further public health report has stated that fracking is completely safe, providing the extremely tight regulations which already exist here are fully observed.

This should settle the objections usually raised by the many environmental groups opposed to fracking in the UK.

However, why is this being sponsored by Total, a French oil firm?

We are aware shale gas exploration has been banned in France, but why is a British oil firm like BP not involved in exploiting this UK opportunity?

Total will have to ‘buy’ American expertise to achieve this, so why cannot BP do something similar, as well as of being presently involved in offshore oil exploration off the coast of Greenland?

Reports that local authorities are to be allowed to grant licences to employ drilling companies, and possibly share in the profits, are welcome.

The French (through EDF) are already heavily involved in the UK in providing new atomic energy reactors generating electricity, invited to do so by our present Government, costing us many millions.

This should be considered enough foreign involvement.

When it is also realised that many of our utility companies are already in foreign ownership, with profits flowing out of our country.

E J Tilley

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Time pension row settled

I sympathise with the position of our firefighters in their dispute with the Government over new pensions plans.

But with more and more strikes coming there seems to be no end to it all. In other areas of the country people have lost their lives when there have been fires during the strike hours.

And I’m surprised there has not been more severe incidents.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is hoping for a resolution, the longer it continues the more chance something horrific will happen that the various service’s contingency plans will not be able to cope with. Both sides appear steadfast in their positions, though, and I’m not hopeful that an agreement can be reached.

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