All in this together

WHEN are the Tory subscribers to these columns ever going to admit that past and current Conservative Governments devastated the workforce of Britain?

Mr Fielding repudiated the fact that recent Tory administrations deliberately created mass unemployment to avenge themselves against the miners, shipbuilders, car manufacturers, steelworkers and working class per say.

Unemployment zoomed under Thatcher, trebled, yet Mr Fielding blamed the failing economy on under-production rather than destruction of the aforementioned industries. We are now totally dependent on the importation of coal, cars, steel, and our ships are now being built in Japan, Korea and China.

Since when has 12% unemployment been good for the economy? As for the Tory boast that there are more people in work now it’s another allegory, there are fewer people in full-time work today than ever, six million of the workforce are now on part-time work or zero hours, with the latter should be outlawed forthwith.

Wages have lost their worth by 10% since these elitist Bullingdon Boy bullies took office and another fact the average earner is £1,600 disadvantaged, inflation means paying more for less.

I’ve been involved in the community officially for over 40 years but I’ve never known the disappointment with a Government as is of current times. Pensioners, the employed, the out-of-work, the sick, disabled and ALL in the public sector are a totally disgruntled lot.

Every “Question Time” Cameron is asked does he intend to reduce the higher rate of tax to 40%, no response, will pensioners lose their winter fuel allowance, free television licence and bus pass, no response.

Concluding, what’s equitable about millionaires receiving a £200,000 tax rebate whilst the poorest in society have had welfare reduced by £20bn?

We’re all in it together, yes we certainly are, the affluent in Utopia, the vulnerable in the mire.

T Blackledge,

via email.