Anguish at pain of a dying pet

I HAD a beautiful pet dog who unfortunately suffered from epilepsy. He was on medication which kept the illness under control, but he still suffered fits once or twice a month.

On October 1, he started having a fit, and he had fit after fit after fit, with no let up.

I phoned numerous vets to come out to put him to sleep, but most vets are lone vets, so understandably they could not leave their surgeries.

All said if I could possibly get the dog to the surgery, they would come out to the car immediately and put him to sleep. This was impossible as the poor dog did not stop fitting.

One vet I phoned said they wouldn’t do anything as the dog was not registered with them. I explained the dog had now been fitting for nearly two hours, so did it matter about being registered as it was being put to sleep anyway.

But the receptionist did not ask a vet to enquire if he or she could come out, she just said no as the dog wasn’t registered. In the end, out of desperation, I phoned the RSPCA who gave me two phone numbers. As I was writing the numbers, the dog sadly died out of exhaustion at my feet.

A vet could have saved him at least an hour and a half of pain and anguish but no, there was no care for either the animal or the owners.

I was disgusted they let a poor, extremely ill dog suffer for all that needless time when, with a second of an injection, he could have been put out of his misery.

Jan Campbell,


Get a rise from baking

Many of you may know me as Cilla Battersby-Brown in ITV’s Coronation Street, but when I’m not filming I am a passionate baker and was delighted (if not slightly surprised) to reach the finals of Celebrity Masterchef in 2009.

I have known about the work of Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity for a while and I can see the practical, yet vital, support they offer to families of children with a life threatening or terminal illness.

Knowing how much Rainbow Trust relies on the generosity of the public to fund their work, I am asking you to join with me and to get involved in this year’s ‘The Big Hour Cake Sale’, which is taking place between 21-27 October.

Rainbow Trust is appealing to everyone to use the extra hour we all gain when the clocks go back in October to get baking and to then sell their delicious cakes, biscuits and goodies to raise much needed funds, which will enable them to continue their support of these very special families.

Getting involved couldn’t be easier. Simply visit and register to receive your very own fund-raising pack. The pack includes posters, invites, bunting, balloons and easy recipes. Once you’re registered, it’s simply a case of spreading the word to let people know when and where you will be selling your cakes.

Rainbow Trust hopes ‘The Big Hour Cake Sale’ will raise £50,000 this year, but it’s not all about big sums; £20 raised helps support a shattered mum who has been up all night with her sick child and £50 means support can be offered to help a family cope with the logistical and emotional pressures involved when attending hospital appointments. So please join me, and I hope thousands of others across the country, and support ‘The Big Hour Cake Sale’. Thank you to all your readers and happy baking!

Wendi Peters

Roy Hodgson is no Roy Walker

Was there ever such a non-story as this business about Roy Hodgson and the space monkeys. All it really demonstrated was that the England manager’s jokes are as enjoyable as some of the performances put on by his team of astronauts.

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