Benefits should be for essentials

I am writing this letter to voice the minds of everyone who works minimum wage.

I personally work in a shop. £6.25 per hour. The customers I serve (I sound like a maid) 40% are lovely, 60% are on benefits.

I am looked down on by the people claiming benefits.

They wouldn’t get out of bed to work for £6.25 per hour. Yet I do, so what gives them the right to look at me like I don’t deserve respect.

I go to work, I pay rent, council tax, water, TV license, gas and electric on £6.25 per hour.

They (as I like to call them) ponder around all day, complain they are bored, buy cigarettes at £7 per day, scratch card for £2 or £3 per day.

I can’t afford to do that, surely this is wrong, benefits are supposed to help them, not to smoke and gamble.

Why can’t I afford to do this? Why can’t the Government give people on benefits a card, so they can only buy essentials: food, gas, electric, bus fares for job interviews, anything else they require in life. Get a job.

Name and address supplied

Authorities have no integrity left

The BBC has no integrity concerning the Jimmy Saville allegations, its bias towards the Palestinians against Israel, its bias towards evolutionists.

The truth concerning these subjects and others need to be exposed, instead of half truths which are damage limitations.

The rich men in the shadows run the politicians, the politicians dictate to the TV and radio stations and the newspapers etc, thereby programming or manipulating the minds of the people.

It is all about controlling the masses towards an agreed agenda.

If you said to a cricketer more spin, he would understand you, if you said to a politician more spin he would understand you, if you said to a evolutionist more spin he would understand you, in fact TV and radio stations, etc would perfectly understand you.

No wonder there is fear and despair within nations as those in authority have no integrity.

The plans of mice and men come to nothing inevitably.

NW Threlfall,

Cambridgeshire, via email

Savile investigation needs to be wider

Regarding the investigation into Jimmy Savile, this needs to be a wider ranging investigation than just the BBC.

It is not credible that no newspaper was aware of the rumours and yet no newspaper ever investigated or published them. What checks were made by the government and by Parliament on his nomination for a knighthood? There also needs to be a review of the conduct of the previous police investigations. It also raises the whole issue of celebrities being given unfettered access to vulnerable groups without proper disclosure checks.

It is clear that just because someone is a celebrity and involves themselves in charitable causes it does not mean that they are beyond evil deeds and do not require the proper legal checks that everyone else have to undergo.

St Andrew, via website