‘Britain full’ signs needed

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I WONDER if Mr Cameron and the rest of the MPs who are supposed to be running this country saw the repeat of Benefits Britain?

Everyone you talk to is talking about it. It’s absolutely disgraceful what certain incomers are getting away with because we are so soft.

The Government heard it straight from the horse’s mouth that some Roma gypsies are coming over for the money they can make from our benefits system.

A Mr Big arranges for these people to come over here. Work for a few days just so they can claim all the benefits the people of Britain have worked most of their lives to get. The person who organises this then gets a cut from everyone.

One man then goes on to say (on camera) that if he can’t get a job he will steal from shops and houses. Then a lad claiming disability, living over here on his own then arranges for his family to come over – father, mother, sister – then arranges for his mother to be his carer.

Can someone tell me who was caring for him before they came over?

Has Britain ever got a chance of being Great again? Why can’t the Government see what the general public can see and tell the EU who we will allow in and not let them dictate to us? We should lay rules down on people wanting to enter Britain.

They should have housing, health insurance and employment. Make it like Australia – if people can’t show that they can support themselves it’s bye bye and back where you came from. It’s about time signs were placed at all ports and airports saying “Britain full.”

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