Britain is already enslaved to the EU

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As always I loved the Last Night of the Proms and thought it a superb touch that members of our winning Olympic teams took part.

But oh what irony the chorus of Rule Britannia – “Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves! Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.”

With which remnants of our emaciated Fleet can we rule the waves? And as to never being slaves, sorry but in case you haven’t noticed we are enslaved by the European Union.

But the fervour demonstrated in the Albert Hall and at venues up and down the country shows that proud patriotism still flourishes and renews my confidence that Great Britain will escape the dominating tentacles of the EU.

Paul Nuttall,

UKIP North West MEP

Addled judge is out of touch

So ‘it takes courage to be a burglar,’ eh ?

If there were any real justice, then this particular wigged clown should be sacked and locked up for a month.

On the first day of his incarceration, every known ex-con with convictions for burglary should be given details of his home address, a copied set of his house keys and free transport to wherever he lives.

No, on second thoughts, forget it. It would cost the taxpayer too much in rocket fuel.

The addled, old fool obviously doesn’t live on this planet. Sadly, yet another example of a major controller of today’s society who is completely out of touch with it.

A Barlow

Care home fees the final insult

The families of people in care homes are being charged up to four weeks’ fees or more after the death of their family member who have been resident there.

How can the Government let these leeches rip off bereaved families like this?

Once again it is page after page of minute printed terms and condition, some of which state ‘four weeks’ notice,’ which is fine if they are changing homes, but after death?

A couple of days to clear and clean their room would be fair but not what they are charging. The Government should set out a standard contract which applies to all such businesses.

Any home owners who don’t agree to follow them should not be allowed to start such a venture.

Dave Croucher, address supplied

Cutting disabled benefits scandal

After watching the wonderful Olympics, I was not sure whether I wanted to watch any of the Paralympics.

Although I have always admired the people who participate in these sports and marvelled at what they achieve, there was a doubt in my mind, but how glad am I that I decided to watch and enjoy these games. They all deserve a gold medal.

The reality then kicks in when you realise that our caring government has set about cutting the benefits to thousands of disabled people, reducing their standard of living, while giving tax breaks to millionaires.

Mick Gethin

address supplied