Brown to blame for this current mess

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Margaret Thatcher defined a Socialist as someone who spent other peoples money until there is none left. Jeff McCann ticks all the right boxes.

We are in our present mess due to Gordon Brown encouraging the financial institutes and especially the banks to recklessly lend on property, in order to increase the Gross National Product.

This created a property bubble and as we all know bubbles burst. This left the banks carrying huge toxic debts which they refused to divulge. This means they are wary of lending to the private sector and to each other.

Until they come clean and together with their shareholders take their punishment, things will not improve.

As the Japanese have show huge investment in public works is not the answer and the United States came out of the Great Depression due to World War II and not due to Roosevelt’s New Deal.

Responsible lending to the productive and innovative private sectors is the only answer.

W Fielding

Greenford Close


Milk industry is still in crisis

The milk industry is in crisis, with costs squeezed all the way along the production line. Farmers complain of unfair prices and contracts while continuing to receive significant subsidies financed by us, the taxpayer.

Further public funds have paid for this failing industry to promote itself through a national advertising campaign that features a slew of popular singers, actors and athletes. Who knows how much this has cost us and what’s it all for? Milk is not essential to human health (calcium can be found readily in many green vegetables, for example) nor is it ‘natural’ to drink the breast milk of another species. Our main concern, however, rests with the animals - the mothers repeatedly impregnated, the calves repeatedly taken from them, and the fact that welfare for the ‘breeding machines’ is so poor that, according to DairyCo, udder infections are ‘endemic’ and Farmers Weekly reports that one third of all British dairy cows are lame.

Those who care about animals and do not wish to contribute to their suffering through the food they eat can order a free Guide to Going Veggie or Vegan from Animal Aid. Call 01732 364546 or email

Kate Fowler,

Animal Aid,

Bradford Street,


Kent TN9 1AW.

Thanks for the

article on Ginger

I just wanted to thank the Evening Post for their article highlighting the plight of Ginger the cat, who was shot seven times with an air rifle.

We’ve had another 100 likes on Facebook and we would like to thank you for spreading the word.

Emma Hughes