Burnham can be our PM

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IT is too close to the 2015 General Election for the Labour Party to consider replacing their leader Ed Miliband.

Miliband has been sliding down in the popularity polls for sometime now, yet despite all the warning signs the party to continue to bury their heads in the sand in exactly the same way as they did when Gordon Brown was in control.

The party should have taken steps to replace him when doubts of his leadership abilities first became apparent.

In the 2010 leadership contest many believed that his brother David would win. A recently conducted poll suggested that a substantial amount of people now believe that he would have been a better choice.

The recent Heywood and Middleton result shows the party majority has been reduced from 6,000 votes to a mere 617.

The Labour Party should be searching for a leader who has the qualities Tony Blair had when he led the party to victory in 1997. There is such a person in the ranks, a man who could turn out the traditional Labour vote as well as appealing to young voters – if the party manages to change its message in time for the election. He’s right on our doorstep and his name is Andy Burnham.

V Brown, address supplied