Busway plans show real lack of direction

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WIGAN Council leader Lord Peter Smith claims that it has been a long term objective of both Transport for Greater Manchester and Wigan Council to improve the links between Leigh and Manchester with the ‘Mis-’Guided Busway scheme.

No Lord Smith, this is a purely political scheme, only supported by the Labour Party and your own councillors, who have to toe the party line, irrespective of the fact that more than 90 per cent of electorate that voted for them don’t want it.

The guided section of the busway will be just 4.5 miles.

The rest of the route to 
Manchester will be on a conventional bus lane and there will be no advantage gained by the use of a guided bus.

Lord Peter Smith claims you can’t compare the X35 service with the Busway.

Well I think the public know better, the X35 service from Leigh to Manchester is a well patronised service picking people up where they want to be picked up, and not along a 4.5-mile disused railway line.

Lord Smith then claims if additional services on the X35 service were considered as an option, Transport for Greater Manchester could have no direct influence on the operators.

Doesn’t he realise that Transport for Greater Manchester can’t even influence the commercial bus operators to use the guided busway, or to pay the charges which will be imposed to use the 4.5-mile section?

He then goes on to claim that the busway will stimulate increased demand for public transport. Well sorry, Peter, the only way to increase the use of public transport is to drastically reduce the fares, which could be done with the millions being spent on the busway, or provide a heavy rail link to Leigh which it has been proved, without a doubt, that people want, and would cost much less.

Coun Norman Bradbury

Hillside Avenue


House building is not wanted

I would like to express my opposition to the proposed
house building programme in Standish.

Several of my constituents are concerned that this housing programme will not benefit the area, and there is great local opposition to the proposals.

The area is one of great natural beauty that will be spoiled by being lost to yet another housing development.

The additional houses will also place great strains on the local infrastructure, causing traffic congestion and spoiling some lovely views.

There are already a large number of houses in the area which are available for rent or purchase, making this new house-building project unnecessary.

I believe that the views of local people should be taken into account during the planning application, to prevent yet another blight on our beautiful countryside.

Paul Nuttall MEP UKIP,

North West