Calling all volunteers

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EACH year we celebrate National Student Volunteering Week and I’d like to tell your readers about the many benefits of volunteering for young and old alike.

I work for the disability charity Vitalise. We run the Sandpipers centre in Southport, which provides essential respite breaks for people with disabilities and carers from the region. At Vitalise we believe in giving our guests not just a holiday but an experience, and thanks to the invaluable help of our volunteers we are able to do just that.

Vitalise volunteers are from all walks of life, but no matter what their age or background, each and every person is united by the desire to make a difference to the lives of others.

What’s more, volunteering isn’t just a great way to gain personal fulfilment, it can also provide a fast track into working life, just as it did for 84% of the 16-25 year old volunteers we surveyed, who said that volunteering with Vitalise had improved their prospects of gaining paid employment.

Whether fresh out of University or embarking on life after retirement, there has never been a better time to get out there and see what volunteering has to offer.

So I would like to invite your readers to join our wonderful volunteers and help our disabled guests enjoy much-needed breaks. No matter how much time you have to spare - the odd day, a week or two, or perhaps a few months - there’s so much to gain!

For more information call 0303 303 0147 or email

Stephanie Stone