Cameron’s rhetoric is still empty

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WELL, the political conference season has finally closed and the campaign has started for both the Euro elections for next year and the General Election of 2015, when the promises made will voted on by the sceptical electorate.

Lib-Dems want to impose a mansion tax and free school meals and Ed Miliband has promised Labour would freeze energy prices – he was the one that forced energy costs to rise when he was in charge of them in the last Labour Government.

PM David Cameron, while being very upbeat in his speech about the future – which is good, remained silent on about the EU – unless I missed it.

Leading up to the conference he was telling us that he was going to negotiate a new relationship and repatriate powers from Brussels, which all sounded very vote catching.

However, according to Mr Barroso the European Commission president, Mr Cameron’s plans are doomed as the other European leaders will veto them.

Again, Mr Cameron’s promises on our future with the EU appear to be another case of empty rhetoric.

Philip Griffiths

North West Chairman

UK Independence Party

Poor choice on stop smoking

How hypocritical of Wigan Council to appoint an admitted smoker to head their Stoptober campaign in an effort to get Wigan people to stop smoking. The appointee Councillor Cunliffe the portfolio holder for Adult and Social Care as a smoker is the Council’s appointed nominee to encourage the borough’s smokers to quit smoking. This hypocrisy by the ruling Labour group on Wigan Council is another reason why lots of ex-Labour members, like me, are now campaigning against new Labour, and I personally will cast my vote at the next opportunity for UKIP.

Brian Acton, ex Labour,


Greenpeace in the wrong

I never thought I would side with the ex-KGB thug President Putin but his country’s action towards the “Brown bread and sandals brigade” Greenpeace has brought me to that position.

Greenpeace is an anti-business organisation who thinks the world’s energy needs can be supplied by windmills therefore we can dispense with fossil fuel or nuclear power and still turn the wheels of industry and agriculture to provide employment and feed the world’s millions.

Ten years in a Russian jail will give them time to reconsider their ridiculous policies.

B K Darbyshire

via e-mail

Bring back live music on TV

Apparently, the BBC are to reintroduce more live music to their TV schedules.

The head of BBC TV live entertainment has put forward proposals to include more live music into their new schedules.

I’d like to know who’s decision it was in the first place to actually scrap live music from the BBC TV programme schedules?

Will they be bringing back Top of the Pops? I don’t think so – as there’s no talented artists, or pop groups out there now to include in the music programme.

And there’s definitely a shortage of talented presenters! And if you’re over 25-years-old, you are certain not to get in! Too old!

Yes, good old ageism is still rife at the over-priced licence fee funded BBC TV.

Darryl Ashton