Concerns over Ebola

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I AM getting very concerned about the Ebola outbreak. I think that all developed country governments are still in denial.

If it spreads to any large city, it will not be possible to eradicate it because of the long incubation time, allowing it to be passed on unnoticed.

The cause of the present outbreak is that the aid to suppress it in the West African counties has not been supplied in time (that is the key failing to date, a lack of speed), and it has moved from outlying villages to large conurbations.

Indeed I think it may have passed the point where any amount of foreign aid will arrest it. As a result, “isolation ward” tactics just have to be brought into play: I think uncontrolled air travel from the affected counties just has to be stopped – catching people at point of entry is a joke.

Isolating the affected countries would redefine the problem and allow the rest of the world to concentrate aid on the affected countries.

This would surely be a lot more successful than watching it start up all over the world.

Also, I have not heard a squeak from the big pharmaceutical companies, who must have numbers of failed antiviral medicines that they could blow the dust off in this emergency.

In my estimation, Ebola is heading up to be a tragedy for the whole human race. It has to be regarded as such. To watch it spread to other counties as a result of air travel would be a tragedy that history would judge harshly.

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