Council should do more to help Wigan families

The Wigan Evening Post (June 21) highlighted that there are thousands of people waiting for a council house across the borough.

In a recent meeting of the Independent Conservative Group on Wigan Council, we learned of the two major factors in the crisis; family breaking up and people from outside Wigan.

This Labour Government and Labour Council do nothing for family values and morals.

If there were, they would do all they can to help families stay together.

Families that break up have huge implications on themselves but the community as well and I will be raising this issue in the Council.

Also a big factor is people from outside of Wigan.

While it is important to help and support people with real and legitimate asylum needs, it is yet again another failing factor of Labour to halt the huge numbers that come into the country.

The interests of the people of Wigan are being put after illegal immigrants.

This cannot be right.

Coun Gareth Fairhurst,

Independent Conservative,

Wigan Central

EU is clearly taking over post offices

Allegations relating to UKIP being untruthful over post office closures, and anti-European criticism, which we totally reject, have been made by the North West Labour MEP Brian Simpson.

The reasons for the post office closures are the consequences of two EU directives. Directive 97/67/EC and Directive 2002/39/EC that are intended to create EU-wide competition within postal services and open the door to public sector companies such as the Dutch TNT and Deutsch Post-DHL which have been cherry-picking the profitable areas, leaving the rest to Royal Mail.

Added to that our Government decided to withdraw services that the post offices provided, such as road tax and TV licences and paying pensions directly into bank accounts.

Westminster was forced to seek EU approval to subsidise our post offices in order to keep them open, this was granted but on a temporary basis and subject to EU "state aid" rules and a timescale that is now expiring.

In a letter (c(2007)5623 final 28:11:07) from EU Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes to David Miliband it stated "the transition programme will involve reducing the Post Office by around 2,500".

I'm sure that the constituents in the North West would like to be told the facts of our EU membership and why one of their MEPs appears not to know them.

Philip Griffiths, North West chairman, UK Independence Party

Our armed forces deserve discounts

Many people are concerned that our country does not adequately recognise the courage and sacrifice of members of the armed services, except on special occasions such as Remembrance Day.

We should be proud of the members of the armed services for their role in protecting us and their courage should be recognised on a daily basis. Businesses can help here. At our Shropshire pub we offer a 10% discount on food and accommodation for all serving members of HM Forces and we wish to encourage other businesses to do the same. But it is nigh impossible for military personnel to identify which outlets give discounts.

We urgently need a nationally recognised symbol for businesses that offer a discount to the armed forces.

We are currently petitioning the Prime Minister to establish such a symbol and we invite everyone concerned at the way we are treating our troops to sign the online petition at

Fiona and Graham Didlick, via email