Course is no deterrent

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THE car is a mighty weapon and there are far too many accidents, mainly because of careless and speedy motorists.

But I am disappointed that the cost of speed awareness courses have gone up.

Now it is only £5 cheaper than the £100 fixed penalty fine. So for the sake of £5, I am sure people would much rather pay the fine, rather than spend a few hours attending the course, therefore reducing the impact of the message.

Reckless drivers need to attend the course to learn the error of their ways and the dangerous element needs to be hammered home.

People will not learn their lesson and will carry on endangering lives.

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Not while pregnant

I was glad to read in Friday’s Wigan Evening Post that the authorities are finally beginning to get tough on women who drink during pregnancy.

There is increasing evidence of the physical dangers to the foetus and I welcome the prosection of those who ignore the warnings.

In fact I would be happy to extend it.

One of the most disturbing sights is of a heavily-pregnant woman in her dressing gown outside a hospital fagging it.

It is another poor start to a child’s upbringing and so to is being the size of a bus when you are with child.

Bringing up children is the most serious of responsibilities for a human being and would-be parents should realise that those responsibilities begin as soon as the woman falls pregnant.

R Robinson


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