Dear Dave, I am disabled not workshy

I AM a 42-year-old disabled woman. I worked full time from being 15 until I was 37.

I paid my National Insurance and all of my taxes and lived a comfortable life until I became too ill to work.

I have lost my house as I didn’t have adequate insurance to cover my illness, so I now rent social housing.

I have lost my life, as it was, my workmates and my home, but the government still want to kick me when I am down by labelling me along with those on the dole that don’t want to work.

Along with those, I will now get less money per week. We are fast becoming the forgotten ones.

If I could work I would be out there tomorrow.

All we ask is that we are not labelled as work shy.

We are fast becoming victims of this government and, for those with mental illnesses, this can only become fatal for some.

Disabled Lady


Cuts hitting the hard-up hardest

When this awful coalition was first formed, I said there was no way it would last the full term, as I thought at the time most Liberal Democrats, being decent people, would not be able to stomach the excesses of the Tories for very long. Well, as far as their politicians go, how wrong I was!

Not only are they actively going along with the Tories, some are vying to outdo them.

It is Lib Dems who are calling for the end of free bus passes for pensioners and the disabled.

It is them who want to do away with the winter fuel allowances.

In actuality, they are fully behind some of the most vicious attacks on the poor and vulnerable we have ever seen.

Now we see them backing the atrocious ‘bedroom tax’.

A tax which takes no heed of whether or not there is a genuine necessity for a spare room.

No interest in an ability to pay or the fact that there are virtually no smaller properties for these ‘victims’ to move into if they choose to move or can’t afford to pay and get evicted. Just how vicious and downright evil can a government get? Just how low can they sink?

Jeff McCann, Hoghton

Tell leaders just what you think

Leonard Cheshire Disability is offering three disabled people the chance to meet politicians at the annual Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour Party Conferences this autumn.

Disabled people from across the UK who have a passion for politics have until May 3 to apply for our Access All Areas scheme, which we launched to ensure politicians hear directly from people with disabilities.

We will support the three people throughout, and will pay for their conference passes, accommodation and travel costs, as well as those of a carer if needed.

To download a form or to find out more go to or call 020 3242 0373.

Emma Lindsay

Leonard Cheshire Disability