Decent jobs needed for all

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LABOUR’S Ed Balls notes it’s shocking that the numbers of youngsters that are on the dole for more than a year has doubled under Cameron.

Problem is that Labour’s proposal to strip such people of benefits if they refuse to take jobs under its Compulsory Jobs Guarantee is a dismal sop to Tory “scrounger propaganda”.

Right-wing newspapers’ misinformation and a Government appallingly going round saying most jobless people do not choose to work because they fancy life on benefits, phrases the Chancellor bandies around Tory conference, should not be echoed by Miliband and Balls.

With long-term joblessness rising this Government, which has an anti-jobs policy that boasts of destroying a million jobs, must be keen on keeping people unemployed.

Labour should be highlighting the rank hypocrisy of a regime that sacks people en masse and then blames them for it.

All workfare does is provide forced below minimum wage labour to private firms at taxpayers cost and increase sanctions on job seekers who can’t jump through constantly changing hoops.

Royston Jones

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