Do the honourable thing and go

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FOLLOWING revelations last week that Wigan Councillor Robert Bleakley has not only run up a £2,400 bill on his local authority mobile phone but also sent a number of vile, sexist text messages that are too graphic to print, he should do the honourable thing and resign his seat.

Last elected in May 2012 for the Liberal Democrats, Bleakley was also caught doctoring council emails in an attempt to smear a senior officer and is now banned from using council equipment after regularly accessing adult material whilst at ‘work’. This man is an embarrassment to his ward and has quite clearly lost the plot.

Sadly, local voters in Tyldesley cannot remove him until 2016 when his term is due to expire. If only voters had the power to recall their elected representatives if they were proven to be unfit for office. In the meantime, Wigan Council should deduct £2,400 from his allowance in order for his phone bill to be repaid.

Louise Bours

North West UKIP MEP