Dog walkers know canal is a danger

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I read with disgust about the spaniel being viciously attacked by a pack of out-of-control large dogs which were off their leads (Wigan Evening Post, November 26).

For some time now people living in the New Springs and Aspull areas have been frightened to walk their dogs along the canal banks or into Haigh Park.

This fear is caused by people breeding and owning lurcher pit bull cross breeds which they are unable to control.

It is thought that many small dogs have been attacked, and there may be a risk of any owner of these pets being attacked themselves if they try to save their dogs.

The authorities must be aware of this problem but nothing seems to be happen to stop this.

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We don’t want wind farms

This present Government seems to have drifted into acceptance that wind farms must be relied upon to provide the energy this country needs to revitalise our economy and industry to get us out of our present recession. The latest reason being cited is that they will provide jobs!

I find this particularly worrying, because in order to provide sufficient numbers of these wind turbines to generate the amount of power needed, we must literally cover the whole of the upland areas of our countryside with these visual horrors. What a prospect we are leaving for our grandchildren! This also ignores the complaints of the farmers concerning the noise these wind turbines make, scaring their animals and the bird conservancy organisations, decrying the deaths these regularly cause to flocks of migrating birds.

If we must have some, then site them well ‘offshore’ where the wind can more reliably perform the generation necessary.

But even then we need some ‘back-up’ when, as frequently happens, the wind doesn’t blow for extended periods. The good news is EDF are proposing to extend the life of at least two of their existing nuclear power plants, with possibly more to follow.

Hopefully, this will give the government more time to carefully consider where and how to economically and realistically generate the amount of electricity which an industrial nation such as ours will require to compete in future. We hear nothing today of schemes like the Severn Barrage, which was said to be able to generate sufficient power for all our country’s future needs. There is also the harnessing of wave power which Scottish Power are rumoured to be trialling in the sea around the Orkney islands, but this not due to start until 2015.

E J Tilley, The Oaks, Chorley

George, you have our support

As an obvious Labour supporter, Jeff McCann (letters December 4) must know all about stupidity and incompetence, he has been blindly following it for years. I am glad we have an “obstinate” chancellor who is able to stick to the right policy, to get this country out of the Labour-made financial mess.

George, ignore those people who want to plunge this fine country into an even deeper mire, you have got our support. My children will be grateful you have turned us around.

Mike Denny via email