Ed’s running scared

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IN a few days time, the people of Scotland will be voting in a referendum to determine their whether or not they wish to remain part of the United Kingdom.

There appears to be little interest, so far as I can see on this side of Hadrian’s Wall or in Wigan. Most people that I have spoken to could not give a “two hoots mon” about the Scottish referendum or it’s result.

Setting aside the issues of the currency and North Sea oil, there are a couple of issues that hardly anyone has mentioned. Firstly, The Barnett formula. A mechanism used by the treasury to appropriate public expenditure to Scotland, which helps to fund free university tuition, prescription charges, eye tests and care for the elderly. This would surely be abolished, which in short means no more money from Westminster, while saving the rest of the UK, taxpayers money.

Secondly, The Lothian Question.

This allows elected Members of Parliament and in particular, Scottish Labour MP’s to vote in Westminster on matters that affect England.

A vote for Scottish independence would in effect make all these MPs redundant. And with no more Labour MPs north of the border, this would ultimately mean the end of The Labour Party as political force in Westminster.

No wonder Ed Miliband is running scared, since the majority of voters in England vote Conservative, this would almost certainly mean that England and the rest of the UK will become a one-party state!

I suspect that the Scots will vote to stay with the union (though I could be wrong), they are a canny bunch and know on which side their bread is buttered and will maintain the status quo, rather than enter into a leap of faith into the unknown.

Will Heyes

Peter St