EU does a lot for our region

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IT is with interest I read the correspondence you receive from UKIP and its allies.

I find the emphasis is always on what we give, and what it costs us. However, even here in Lancashire we benefit and receive a great deal from the EU. On large public works of infrastructure, the credit given to funding received from the EU is acknowledged by a very small icon or badge. But it is there. As regards foreign aid, the evidence of need is seen every day in the media. Critics of such expenditure must be extremely cold-hearted to equate the levels of insecurity and unrelieved poverty which are found in such places as Darfur, South Sudan, Palestine, Somalia, and Central African Republic, with the conditions generally enjoyed in Britain.

Aid and support in those countries are not just a humanitarian imperative, but are a way of beginning to stem the flow of migrants from intolerable conditions. I would further suggest many of the financial problems in this country could be remedied by the cancellation of our nuclear weapons and Trident programme.

This country is rich enough to look after all its people, with a decent standard of living, and rich enough to help others less fortunate than ourselves.

M J Franey