Faster driving is more green

IF you had read the newspapers or seen the TV news this week, you will have seen the latest insanity to come out of the unelected EU regarding motorway speeds.


The EU wants the UK to meet targets for clean air.


By reducing the speed limit on the M1 between Matlock and Rotherham to 60 mph instead of the usual 70 mph. This is a distance of 32 miles.

The Theory:

Reducing speed will reduce carbon emissions to acceptable levels to the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

The Reality:

The Range Rover that I drive has an engine rpm of 1225 rpm at 60 mph.

It would take 32 minutes to cover the 32 miles at a constant speed of 60 mph, assuming a level road and entering and leaving the 60 mph section at 60 mph.

During the 32 minutes, the engine would have completed 39,200 revolutions.

If it was possible to travel the same stretch of road at 80 mph, under the same conditions, which many cars do these days, without seeing blue flashing lights in their mirror, or having their collar felt by the police, then the same distance would be covered in 24 minutes.

The engine rpm does of course increase to 1625 rpm, so that is a total of 39,000 rpm.

Amazingly, 200 rpm less than at 60 mph.


The planet can actually be save by driving faster!

The EU plan is a complete and utter waste of time.


The saving of 200 rpm actually represents a total of 18.5 seconds with the engine ticking over at traffic lights or a road junction.

Inconsequential to be honest. This further confirms that the EU plan is totally pointless.

Why is this being done?

So that the unelected EU can impose their will on the UK.

Speed cameras will be set up in the 32-mile section to check speeds and issue fines to raise money for HM Government so they can waste it on other projects that they deem to be worthy, such as giving £4.5m to support a Spice Girls tribute band in Ethiopia.

Frustrate motorists.

Cause more congestion on the roads.

Cause people to lose the will to live, work and strive for betterment for themselves and their families.

The Solution:

Leave the EU without delay.

Craig Wellum

Parkinson’s Farm

German Lane

Charnock Richard

Chance to scuba dive with sharks

Would you dare to come face to face with sharks to raise vital funds for children and adults with muscle-wasting conditions?

The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign is seeking daredevils to take on a sponsored shark dive at the Blue Planet Aquarium in Cheshire on Sunday, March 23, raising vital funds towards its research into treatments for muscular dystrophy and related neuromuscular conditions and support for the 70,000 families in the UK who are affected by them.

The charity challenge is aimed at scuba-diving beginners and participants can bring along spectators.

Divers will have the chance to brush shoulders with an array of underwater creatures, including sand tiger sharks, lemon sharks, nurse sharks, stingrays and shoals of jacks, grunts and snappers. Training from fully qualified instructors and all scuba equipment will be provided.

Those brave enough to take the plunge are being asked to raise £300 minimum


For further information, contact Charles at the Charity Regional Fund-raising office on 01244 536551 or e-mail

Charles Horton

Muscular Dystrophy Campaign manager