Follow the money trail

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THERE has been an ongoing debate about fracking over recent months in Lancashire.

The fracking companies etc want people to send in their questions but this seems unfair, I think it would be much better if they faced people at open question meetings where answers are not prepared so honest questions could be freely asked of the experts.

The protesters have real worries having done independent research that clearly states the dangers of fracking here in Lancashire or elsewhere. To be fair the advertising for and against should be able to access equal funding. An international news journal recently had an article on fracking and it was clear companies in USA have shut down their projects because of the dangers and also the costs involved. The farmers did suffer in a variety of ways after the companies left their lands and the water table was contaminated, undrinkable.

The article concluded the only winners in fracking were the bankers. Always follow the money, the root of all evil. Short term gain for a generational misery.

Jim Aherne

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