Food hygiene not up to standard

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I wonder how well the environmental health officers inspect food outlets as I am so disappointed with most of the shops and market stalls I have recently used.

One place I visited announcing its four-star rating, has staff handling cooked meat with their bare hands, then taking money from customers before once more taking out a cooked item.

Whilst waiting in the queue I saw no more than three assistants handle the same joint of meat and when serving sliced meat they ignored the tongues that were available.

How did this firm get a four star rating when they obviously do not understand food safety issues? Then there was the local baker which made delicious bread but had an assistant handling cakes, buns etc. with hands that sported very dirty nails. I stopped shopping there.

I know gloves are not the answer as the gloves can hold as much bacteria as a bare hand but where I see a thoughtful, cleanly uniformed member of staff take the plastic bag and select your item with the bag rather than bare hands I am hopeful that all I will be getting is the item I have purchased and not a dose of food poisoning.

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When stress is part of the job

I feel for soldiers suffering from post traumatic stress disorder but again must stress what about the firemen, health personal, they see lots of bad things, fatalities and deaths etc. and you don’t hear off these persons asking for compensation.

They chose the job knowing what was involved, I know someone diagnosed with PTSD and he lives life to the full, just a way of getting what the tax payers pay in. Does a surgeon get compensation because he lost a patient?

Does a fireman get compensation because he could not save a person? No they don’t. Again its just these soldiers. Leave the money for the needy.

tingtong, via website

Awful way to treat older people

I watched the When I Get Older programme featuring Ivy and was in tears throughout.

I am of the opinion that Messrs. Cameron, Clegg, Osborne and Duncan Smith should be put into a locked room and made to watch what effect their lunatic policies are having on ordinary people. They should hang their heads in shame, I am disgusted with the lot of them.

Ordinary Joe, address supplied

No need to batten down the hatches

They don’t half talk some rubbish at the met office sometimes, “be aware of rain, be prepared.”

It is heavy rain over the weekend, not exactly unheard of in northern England.

What do they expect us to do? Hammer crooked pieces of wood over the windows?

Stockpile food and bottled water? Build an ark perhaps?

It’s the weather doing what the weather as always done.

I am sure we’ll cope.

Robert Rudde. via website