Gearing up for a great event

QUITE a few nay-sayers were suggesting that the country wasn’t interested in the royal wedding when the occasion was first announced.

And while the intervening months were relatively low key compared with the build-up to Charles and Diana’s nuptials 30 years ago no-one can disagree that in the last few weeks a real sense of excitement and anticipation has been building.

The media has been full of this special occasion, forensically examining every possible aspect from every possible angle and countless have been the television documentaries.

There is talk of billions watching it on the small screen and online around the world - whether or not they have royal families of their own - and I would like to bet that there are some pretty high viewing figures on British telly this Friday too.

Some folk in this less neighbourhood-friendly area have stirred themselves into organising street parties. And while they won’t be as many as for royal events of a generation ago I still think Wigan and the rest of the country will get into a patriotic party mood come Friday.

It promises to be a great event.

W Hurst