Get rid of all our councillors

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THE shambolic and shameful scenes at Wigan town hall last week quite clearly show that Wigan Council has completely ceased to operate effectively.

The behaviour of our elected representatives is utterly pathetic. Not one thing of any use or interest to the vast majority of Wiganers was discussed during the full council debacle (I hesitate to call it a meeting).

When I think how much money is being wasted on these self-serving, smug individuals in the form of allowances, maintenance of the council chamber and the committees appointed to deal with their behaviour, not to mention the enormous expense of regular elections, I simply become incandescent with rage.

How many vital services have been cut or taken out of local authority control paying councillors and their democratic apparatus? How much more usefully could all this money have been spent, on services for dementia patients, activities for young people, arts and sports opportunities?

I realise I am wasting my breath. This country is currently seized by a mania for referendums, elections and spouting hot air about democracy and letting people have their say. I believe Wigan Council’s unhappy experience shows clearly how mistaken this is. Elected representatives are not doing anything of benefit to the borough and could be abolished to protect front-line services.

People who had problems with the local authority in a system with no councillors could merely write directly to officers, who would be trained and encouraged to deal with the public. This would probably also have the equally-valuable effect of weeding out the few people who have something worthwhile to contribute to public life from the many who do not.

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