GPs should work more

LONG queues to see your GP are not due to financial cuts.

Billions of our pounds have been given to the Health Service.

In 2004, the Labour government gave GPs over £100,000 each to work a 10 session week; and they do not need to cover weekends or nights. Most are privately employed.

Nearly all GPs are part timers. Their salaries per session are so high that most doctors can live comfortably on about £80,000 a year.

In a typical surgery of, say, six GPs caring for 10,000 patients (ie.1,600 each), they could have 60 sessions a week, but most surgeries only have 40 sessions out of a possible 60. No night work or weekend work.

Their patients become ill anytime in a 24 hour period. The GP is the first line of call for the patients on their register.

The main reason why you find delays in seeing your GP easily is because they are all part-timers.

Doctors need to think back to when they first started to study medicine. To care for your patients day and night. We do not want any more part-time doctors.

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