Haven’t I Sween you somewhere before?

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WHILE reading the Christmas holiday TV schedules, I thought for a moment I’d been given a part in Life On Mars.

It took me straight back to when I was in my teens.

Between all the BBC and ITV channels on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day we had: Dad’s Army twice; Morecambe and Wise four times; the Many Faces Of Les Dawson and The Best Of Les Dawson; Porridge, Johnny Cash at Christmas 1970 Special; Doris Day’s 1971 Special; Kojak and Top Of The Pops 2 from 1976 with the Wurzels, Abba and Brotherhood Of Man...

The Sweeney seven times, 10 Carry on Films and On The Buses; The Magnificent Seven (1972), Holiday On The Buses (1973), The Towering Inferno (1974), and Rocky (1976).

Now that reminds me, I must go and pay for my TV at Radio Rentals and hopefully get some Green Shield stamps. I may treat myself to a meal at a Berni Inn and pick up the new Laker Airways holiday brochure...

I wonder what people will be watching in 2046?

The 2011 Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special? I really don’t think so.

Darryl Ashton, via email

Adult learners’ awards open

Every year we celebrate the outstanding achievements of thousands of remarkable adults who have transformed their lives, and often the lives of their families and communities, through learning.

The Adult Learners’ Week Awards are open to anyone aged 19 or over (or over 16 if they have had a break of three years from formal education) and recognise people with incredible learning stories which will inspire other adults to improve their own lives. Nominations for this year’s awards in England are open until 5pm on Friday, January 27, 2012. Give your learners, or someone you know, the recognition they deserve for their incredible learning achievements. More details are available by calling NIACE on 0116 204 4200 or at www.alw.org.uk.

Nominations can be completed online and everyone nominated for an award receives a certificate.

Richard Crabb,

Adult Learners’ Week Team,


21 De Montfort Street,


Time for change in Winstanley

I READ with interest the article on Winstanley Precinct getting a makeover.

The shops are in one of the nicest locations of the borough but I have often thought that they looked a bit unsightly.

While I have found the people who work in all of the shops, to be very polite and friendly, I do agree that the whole precinct would benefit a complete revamp.

Winstanley is a great community to live in with great facilities but the precinct has often let it down as it looks quite drab.

But when improvements have been made, Winstanley will rival other ‘sought-after’ areas such as Swinley.

R Warner,