He’s a pure electioneer

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RESIDENTS will remember in 2007 that Wigan Council was all in favour of altering the junction despite the objections of local people affected by the plans.

The Labour run council claimed that the layout was the best option for everyone, reducing accidents and cutting out the rat-run of commuter traffic through narrow residential roads.’

The Labour party then didn’t have much trouble riding roughshod over people’s views. Yet here we see 3 councillors from the very same Wigan Labour party 6 years later looking to reverse the decision at significant cost to the taxpayer.

In November 2013 Coun Morgan said that he was all in favour of the new traffic system at Marus Bridge roundabout. He must have known then however that the new traffic light system will more than double the journey time from Warrington Road for residents on Clap Gate Lane and surrounding roads’

Coun Morgan has a terrible track record of listening to the voters in Wigan. The Labour party voted in favour of closing the Pines care home for disabled people last year, despite more than 11,000 signatures being obtained by that campaign objecting to its closure. Shutting down worthwhile accommodation for some of the most vulnerable people in our community. This was their home and the feeble excuse given was that it cost too much money to refurbish.

He is simply jumping on the band wagon at election time for a few votes. Voters will be asking whether this is a simple blatant electioneering ploy on his part. The residents will also be wanting to know why he has waited nearly four years to bring up this subject just before he is due to stand for election.

I personally will be very interested to see how many people sign his petition because I hope everyone remembers that the Labour party comprising of Couns Morgan, Kenny and Anderson were three of our local Labour councillors who voted to close the Pines Nursing Home. This was of course despite an 11,000 signature petition from the people of Wigan who wanted to see this care home survive and continue to provide a much needed service for the most vulnerable people in our community.

Andrew Collinson

UKIP candidate