Huge section far worse off

I AM sick and tired of the shameless propaganda being peddled by the Institute of Fiscal Studies which says we have now recovered from the recession and living standards are now back to where they were before the financial crash.

It is the biggest load of hogwash that has ever been spun on the behalf of any government since the weapons of mass destruction lie told by Tony Blair during the run up to the second Gulf war.

I, along with everybody else employed by the company that I work for, approximately 70,000 people within a group that boasts a multi-billion pound annual turnover have not had a pay rise for almost five years.

Then there is the health worker whose pay has effectively been cut in real terms.

The council worker whose pay has in fact been cut from an average rate of £8.80 an hour to £7 an hour.

It’s easy to tell we are in a run up to a general election, Cameron and Co believe that if it is said loud enough and long enough that people will believe it. But the fact is a huge section of the electorate are far worse off now than they were five years ago.

Derek Barker

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