'I look forward to meeting man who decided to be a hedgehog'

Will people start to decide they are hedgehogs in this age of self-obsession, asks a reader?
Will people start to decide they are hedgehogs in this age of self-obsession, asks a reader?

After almost a lifetime studying our species, I have come to the conclusion that it has been a failed experiment: nice try, God, but no cigar this time.

I reached this conclusion the other day when a Dutch individual appeared amid the dreary wastes of daytime television and announced that, instead of persevering with his natural age of 69, he had decided his real age to be 49.

Leaving aside that his prime motive might have been to maximise his chances in his online dating quest, one can only say “Good luck with that one, mate” and hope he is offered counselling fairly soon.

Seriously though, isn’t this just another symptom of our self-obsessed age?

To consider that one can, by an effort of will, change one’s age, or gender, or anything apart from one’s mind or tie, is becoming a common delusion.

I look forward to meeting the man who decided to be a dog/bird/hedgehog or whatever.

A brave new world awaits us!

James Robson

Address supplied

The new underclass

A recent Panorama programme highlighted the issues with Universal Credit, which shows that this Government is seeking to do what Thatcher started.

Its aim is to make the working class into the underclass. They have rolled all the payments into one, reduced the amount being paid out by hundreds of pounds, and instead of paying the rent direct to the landlords, it is paid to the tenants.

The first thing they are going to do is to feed and clothe their children, which means that they are not able to pay their rent and then will be evicted. Many will not survive the winter on the streets, but the Conservatives do not care. If people do not have a home then they are not on the voting register, they cannot vote against this Government.

The Conservatives are happy as long as their voters are secure and getting the benefit of tax cuts. They do not possess any principles, they are only concerned about money.

Terry Bennett

via email

More needs

to be done

It is only right that cyclists who kill or maim should face criminal sentences in the same way as drivers, as is currently being proposed by the Government.

We still grieve for our loved one in the same way, regardless of whether he or she is killed by a cyclist or driver.

These measures are an important way to help reduce casualties and bring cycling offences into line with driving offences, as they should be. But the Government must not be complacent.

Three pedestrians were killed last year by cyclists and these deaths are just the tip of the iceberg.

Last year, 68 per cent of pedestrians were killed by drivers.

I hope these figures can highlight that more needs to be done to reduce needless injuries and deaths for all road users this Road Safety Week (November 19-25).

Brett Dixon


The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers

Grow a beard

to raise funds

I’m calling on men to grow a beard this December and raise money for Bowel Cancer UK. I’m thrilled to be supporting Decembeard, which is especially personal to me.

I’ve had polyps removed from my bowel and now have annual check-ups, but the realisation that it could have developed into bowel cancer really hit me.

Taking part in Decembeard is simple. All you need to do is clean shave on November 30 and let your facial fuzz grow throughout the month. Already bearded? No problem. Dye, ditch or decorate your beard.

Bowel cancer affects one in 14 men in the UK and is the third most common cancer in men, so it’s a really important cause. Save lives this December.

Grow a beard and raise funds to support vital services and lifesaving research: sign up at bowelcanceruk.org.uk/decembeard

Carl Hester

Olympic gold medallist for


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