In support of fracking

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IN reply to W Collier’s request that the CEO of Cuadrilla inquire why France has no plans for fracking.

Perhaps its because it has 59 nuclear power stations that deliver 75% of France’s electricity. They even sell a little to us. Then he asked, why Ohio USA have suspended fracking. Well, it was because a number of minor earth tremors had been detected. Rather like a big lorry passing your house. I’m sure he’ll be delighted to know, that it was the disposal of waste water by reinjection that was causing the earth tremors not the fracking. Fracking will resume in the near future. This would not happen in the UK as we do not reinject waste water, we clean it and reuse it.

It really is time we got to work and started our fracking programme. Something that has been going on in the sea’s around us for more than twenty years in complete safety. More than a million wells fracked around the world and not one proven incident.

Perhaps if the ill informed anti-frackers thought of it this way. Water tables are at approximately 40-50 metres deep, fracking takes place at about 2000m. Fracking fluid passes through the water table via a steel and concrete lined pipe, ( which has been pressure tested to a much higher pressure than is used for fracking) only for the time it takes to fracture the shale rock. It is them removed and put into safe storage for reclamation. Pumps pipes and drilling rig are taken away and all that remains is a pipe about 2.5mts tall, complete with safety valves. Gas is then produced 24/7, 365 days and nights a year with minimal risk.

On the other hand, copper, much of which is produced in Africa is used in huge quantities in wind farms for generator windings. It is produced by removing vast quantities of rock from underground creating huge caverns. The surface areas are unfenced but warning signs say that the ground may sink at any time. It does and many people have been killed as a consequence. The rock is then crushed to powder to extract the copper. At one stage it is mixed with cyanide in flotation tanks. When the copper has been removed, the rock and water, “paste”, (called, tailings) is pumped into the bush.

The tailings dry to form a concrete covering on miles and miles of bush inhibiting plant and animal life. Worse, the raw copper is then smelted which produces vast clouds of emissions contaminated with sulphur and cyanide which, when it cools, falls to the ground destroying plant and animal life. All this to produce so-called green energy. I think not, but then, Africa’s a long way away.

The only reservation I have is that, rather than 1% of the well’s production revenue, the figure should be between 7.5 and 10% with a non political administration to oversee spending. Should the estimate of the amount of gas be realistic, the price would come down regardless of the producers present propaganda. Shale gas has been a boon in the USA, it could be even better in the UK.

Bill Burrows


Community Action Party