Josh is still learning game

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WE ARE all aware of Josh Charnley’s explosive attacking play, but his defensive frailties are understandable.

He is only young, near schoolboy age actually, and cannot be blamed for every try scored down his wing. Some of the blame must be put on the whole right side defence.

Any winger should know to come inside if your centre moves inside also. The point made last week to blame the sliding defence is stupid.

If they scored one man inside all the time then you would just be passing the blame onto someone else...

Charnley scored two tries in the Wire and Saints games that changed both games and in my opinion allowed us to win the games.

Give the young lad a break, he is still learning his game and will be a great winger for Wigan.

Did you ever complain about Martin Offiah?

Jamie Walsh

via email

It’s time to flog these yobs

A few observations about the recent riots and my opinions on the various punishments meted out by the judiciary.

Evicting families does not work, they simply inflict their behaviour onto other people, neither does stopping their benefit.

Prison sentences of 12, 14, 16 weeks have little or no effect, I know from experience that these punishments are regarded as a ‘result’, three square meals, warm bed, bit of pool, snooker, telly, weight-lifting ... great stuff.

I would like to offer my own solution; many years ago an old man told me that he had been birched on the Isle of Man, and even though he went back on several occasions he never re-offended.

I am not advocating re-introducing the birch or even the cane, no, I would tear a leaf from the military’s book and re-introduce flogging. I would flog these yobs - they would not re-offend believe me.

Mr JJ Kenyon


Marooned after loss of service

I note that bus services, numbers 640 and 641 have been withdrawn (except for Saturday), for the journey form Boars Head to Bleach Works and Rectory Lane, hence to Standish centre, and naturally this applies to the return journey as well.

I understand that change of route which is now Boars Head to Standish via Wigan Road is due to funding from Transport for Greater Manchester being withdrawn.

Boars Head to Standish via Wigan Road is already served by buses 113 and 362 whereas hundreds of families are virtually marooned along the previous route by the withdrawal of service.

In terms of distance, Boars Head to Standish via Chorley Road is longer, but not by that much and I cannot believe that the meagre saving by the change of route represents good value.

After all we are all Council Tax payers - and voters.

R Crispin,

Hawthorn Avenue,


Hope to trace my Wigan relatives

My name is Mary Fisher and I was born in 1954 in West Cumbria and I’m hoping to trace any relatives I may have in Wigan or the surrounding area.

My father was Henry Fisher, born on April 19, 1900 at 3 Marsh Green, Pemberton. I know he played rugby for Wigan and St Helens and football for Wigan Borough in the 1920s.

My grandparents were Richard Fisher, a coal miner born in 1876 in Wigan, and Mary Fisher (nee Fairclough) born in 1873 in Pemberton.

The 1901 census lists my grandparents as living in the house where my father was born in Marsh Green, Pemberton. My grandparents had a Pemberton couple aged 25, Alice and Eli Birkett living with them as lodgers.

I know my father had a younger brother called Thomas and I know he married and had a daughter, but died in his late 40s early 50s. I also believe he many have worked for Leyland Motors at some stage.

Unfortunately, I do not know his wife’s name or if they had any more children.

I would be delighted to know if I do have any cousins from my father’s side of the family.

Mary Fisher,

Wasdale Road,



Lisa could be a future leader

Any opportunity to put this Ancient and Loyal Borough of Wigan on the map must surely be welcome and it is splendid news indeed that Lisa Nandy is being touted by veteran Labour MPs as a Labour leader of the future.

Just imagine this move could pave the way for our second woman Prime Minister.

T Penman,

Silverdale Court,


Could be time to shop in Bolton

I sympathise with L Wallington and his letter entitled “We can’t afford to absorb our losses.”

The situation will get worse when the NHS takes over Mesnes Street car park (back of Mesnes Street traders), both for him and the Market Hall.

Should I transfer my shopping to Bolton I wonder?

P Walker,

Gorses Drive,


Look after Heinz pensioners

HJ Heinz, the biggest company within the Wigan area was always their proud boast in the past when I was an employee: We are a caring company: Both during your working life and when you become a pensioner of the company: We always take care of you.

What a load of old rubbish. The people I am talking about are the very people who have made this company the market leader in food manufacturing that it enjoys to this very day.

Surely it’s about time that the company shouldered its responsibilities by setting up a yearly Index-Linked-Offer for all the older pensioners on their books? Four rises in the last 20 years is hardly the actions of a caring company.

When I was representing the pensioners along with Barry Tarbuck every meeting we attended we always asked for the older pensioners to be Indexed-Linked. Sure enough the Heinz management always came back with the same answer? What about our shareholders: corporate greed before their pensioners’ need.

We are not asking for anything that is not richly deserved and according to the past and present profit margins is well within their capabilities.

Syd Hall,

Crompton House,

Scholes Village.

Church offers a warm welcome

The modern day church is a wonderful, happy, caring and fun place to be, it is at the hub of our communities.

It’s is the place we go to worship, the place where we gather for baptisms, marriages and funerals, the place we feel the sincere caring of the Christian family.

But how many people know about the social side of the church? There are craft groups, (for those who enjoy knitting, needlework etc), book clubs, beetle drives, tea and coffee mornings, choirs etc. And of course the joys of Sunday School for the youngsters.

If you are someone (as I was for many years) who longed to go back to church, why not step through your church doors, the welcome you receive will be truly from the heart.

V Howard,

address supplied.

Don’t give away book treasures

It appears that, unknown to the general public, Wigan’s Librarian Literati, have, over the past, acquired a treasure-trove of medieval tomes, valuable bindings, incunabula, etc. etc.

The storing of these items at a confidential location is understandable, but allowing these treasures to deteriorate is unforgivable.

Let’s hope that restoration can be made where possible, and that proper professional valuations are obtained and unlike the recent sale of public halls, these are not disposed of at give-away prices.

Name and address supplied.