Keeping mill shows pride in borough

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THEY SAY that the definition of madness is somebody who never learns from his mistakes, carrying out the same task but expecting a different outcome each time.

This borough has lost an awful lot of fine buildings over the years which defined it’s people and character.

In their place have come some real modern monstrosity’s that, it was clear, were never going to stand the test of time.

Spinner’s Mill in Leigh was only ever a factory.

But was built at a time when our forefathers clearly had enough pride and care to want things to be deserving of their place in the future.

So I was delighted that (WEP May 7) rather than facing the wrecking ball, council planners are now consulting on what future community uses this fine and imposing building can be put to.

They are pitching an indoor sports centre, artificial crown green bowling or indoor five a side football.

Then there is a plan for a gallery to encourage local artists.

How comforting that we as a borough are, at last, being able to see further than the end of our noses.