Latics show no ambition

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I AM an avid Latics fan who has followed the club home and away for more than 20 years.

In that time I have written twice to express concerns about decisions taken by the club; the sale of Stuart Barlow and the sacking of Ray Mathias. I am now compelled to write about the appointment of Coyle.

I am utterly bewildered and bitterly disappointed by the move and cannot understand it. Given the apparent list of candidates it really beggars belief that someone with a distinctly average (at best) CV could be considered a better appointment than the ex-England manager or people who have worked at Man Utd. It shows a complete lack of ambition – how is such a dull and low profile appointment going to attract decent players and, more importantly, get fans through the turn styles following relegation?

Given the respective candidate CVs it is yet more baffling why Coyle got the job, but when questioned on this the chairman advised that he went with his gut instinct.

Given Coyle has only been given a 12 month contract there doesn’t appear to be much faith in this instinct. Coyle’s teams are not noted for good defending, a key historic weakness in the side. We also hear that fundamental questions have been raised about his approaches to training, organisation an tactics, recruitment and injury prevention.

Latics fans, unlike many other supporters in similar positions, remained very loyal last season despite the fact that our league form was pathetic. Appointing an ex-Bolton manager is a real kick in the teeth to this loyalty. I appreciate some modern football fans would dismiss this point as petty, but where would football be without local rivalry, and we don’t like them or their ex-staff one bit. Would Man Utd appoint an ex-Liverpool manager? The new manger will alienate many Wiganers.

I am so disappointed with the appointment that I will not be attending matches whilst he is the manger, something which breaks my heart as Latics is such a big part of my life. I understand the argument that no man is bigger than the club, but such a cheap appointment shows no ambition and I feel this is the only way to express my disgust.

Stuart Sage

Chorley Latics

Where was the balance?

What a one sided view you printed in Saturday’s Post when asking what Wigan fans thought of Owen Coyle’s appointment. I think 99 per cent of true Latics fans are appalled at the appointment of Coyle as manager, but who cares we’re only the fans. Once again sold down the river.

Mark Knight

via email

Give Coyle a chance

THE guy has barely been introduced to the public and already some Wigan Athletic fans are calling for Owen Coyle’s resignation.

How ridiculous that people should react in such knee-jerk fashion to the appointment of Coyle as the club’s new manager. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but you really do have to give the man a chance.

A lot of people were sad to see Roberto Martinez go and seem bitter that he didn’t hang around to help bring the Latics back into the Premier League. As if he owes us something.

But one has to wonder whether he was the right man for doing that, especially as it could be argued that he was partly responsible for Wigan’s relegation in the first place (along with tight budgets, small squad, catalogue of injuries, etc).

I’ve heard quite a few people say that his passing game wouldn’t work in the Championship and it requires a more physical style to thrive in this league. Coyle, while he had a difficult time at Bolton, has the experience of getting Burnley into the top flight, so he knows what is required.

Please give him a chance otherwise you could be helping keep Wigan where they are, or even sending them down.

G Martindale